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Fontinalis antipyretica variant gigantea is a large and very robust moss. This moss can be attached to wood or rock and is fairly undemanding. It does best in colder water with a neutral to soft ph what makes it the perfect moss for shrimp aquariums.

1 PORTION - You will receive a generous golf ball size portion that fills a 4oz cup.

1/2 PORTION - You will receive a generous half golf ball size portion that fills a 2oz cup.

Name: Fontinalis antipyertica gigantea, Giant willow moss

Origin: Europe

Light: Low to high

Placement: foreground, midground, background.

Growth form/rate: Slow to medium



We keep Fish, Shrimp and Snails in our plant holding aquariums to keep our systems biologically balanced and as algae free as possible for the best health to our plants. Every plant will be inspected before getting shipped out for any nuisance. We dont believe its possible to guarantee 100% snail and algae free plants unless its tissue culture plants. Picture is a example shown of what you will receive.