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Ludwigia repens narrow leaf 'arcuata' is a undemanding hybrid plant and tolerates a wide range of parameters including cool water. The higher light intensity the plant is exposed to the more red color will show. Nutrient rich substrate will make it a fast grower.


Name: Ludwigia repens narrow leaf 'arcuata'

Origin: Asia

Light: Medium to high

Placement: Midground and background

Growth form/rate: Medium to fast



We keep Fish, Shrimp and Snails in our plant holding aquariums to keep our systems biologically balanced and as algae free as possible for the best health to our plants. Every plant will be inspected before getting shipped out for any nuisance. We dont believe its possible to guarantee 100% snail and algae free plants unless its tissue culture plants. Picture is a example shown of what you will receive.